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Southeast Europe Energy Transition Network (

Thanks to the cost revolution in low-carbon energy technologies such as wind power, solar PV and storage, we have the opportunity today to decarbonise our energy systems on the basis of safe, clean and low-cost energy sources. This transformation has started in many countries around the globe. However, it has also created a lot of uncertainties. We are talking about a fundamental transformation of entire energy systems with all its inherent contradictions, inconsistencies and path-dependencies.

Against this background, the Southeast Europe Energy Transition Network ( has been founded. is a regional network of independent energy transition think tanks which focuses predominantly on Southeastern Europe. Our mission is to contribute to an enhanced understanding of the economic potential, technical feasibility and the relevant policy tools for the transition to a sustainable energy future. Through rigorous analytical work, we build the evidence-base and provide thought leadership on the best solutions. Since no single institution can fully grasp the entire complexity of the transition, the partners’ goal is to foster and support the regional cooperation in Southeast Europe in this field as well as to encourage intensive dialogue with major stakeholders from the public sector, industry, academia and civil society.

Although energy policy is mainly determined at the national level, the common goal of the entire region is to be fully integrated in the EU. Likewise, energy transitions follow similar patterns and principles and are built on the same technologies. Moreover, the countries of the region share common past difficulties and similar legacies which makes the energy transition well-suited to become a regional undertaking. Therefore, intensifying regional cooperation brings many synergies and creates joint learning opportunities to facilitate the transition into future clean energy systems.

SE3Tnet’s national member organisations receive financial support by a variety of funders, mainly from philanthropic organisations and public grants. Therefore, they are fully autonomous, operating independently of business interests and political pressures.

The founding members combine a multitude of experiences and perspectives from Europe. They are:

Country Partners

Members of the
Southeast Europe Energy Transition Network (

SE3T’s current members stem from the following countries: Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Cosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia


SE3T Partner Publications

Release Date: 05/2020
No. of Pages: 133
Download: PDF (5,1 MB)

Study by: NewClimate Institute
In Cooperation with: Association for Sustainable Development (ASOR), Serbia National Observatory of Athens (NOA)/Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development (IERSD), Greece FACETS, S.A., Greece Agora Energiewende
Commisioned by: Agora Energiewende
Release Date: 10/2019
No. of Pages: 48
Download: PDF (1,0 MB)

Study by: REKK Foundation for Regional Policy Cooperation in Energy and Infrastructure
In Cooperation with: Energy Economics Group (EEG), Institute of Energy Systems and Electric Drives TU Wien - Technische Universität Wien
Commisioned by: Agora Energiewende
Authors: László Szabó, András Mezősi, Enikő Kácsor, Péter Kotek, Adrienn Selei, László Paizs (REKK) Gustav Resch (TU WIEN)
Release Date: 05/2019
No. of Pages: 60

Download: PDF (2,4 MB)

This study collects the most important myths about renewables deployment in the countries of South East Europe. It explains in a fact-based manner the advantages of renewables and shows how renewables integration into the SEE power systems can be successful and benefits of low-cost renewables can be reaped.

Publisher: Klimapolitika
Authors: Fanni Sáfián, Gabriella Dóci, Dóra Csernus, Ágnes Kelemen, Xuenan Mao
Release Date: 12/2018
No. of Pages: 85
Download: PDF (4,6 MB)

Publisher: Agora Energiewende
Authors: Matthias Buck, Sonja Risteska, Christian Redl
Release Date: 11/2018
No. of Pages: 18
Download: PDF (2 MB)

Scenarios of Long Term Production Planning and Forecasting Demand of the Croatian Power System and Analysis of the Regional Power Market) by University of Zagreb (Croatia), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture.

Publisher: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Authors: Tomislav Pukšec, Goran Krajacic, Matija Pavicevic, Antun Pfeifer, Borna Doracic, Tomislav Novosel
Release Date: 09/2018
No. of Pages:43
Download: PDF (23,6 MB)

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